3-Week Pre Season Team Challenge 

Competition Outline

Duration: Three weeks
Dates: Wednesdays  22 Feb, 1 Mar, 8 Mar 2023
Time: 30 min match play for each team member. Start time is 7pm for the first match.
Entries: Sign up via your club captain at your local club. Entries close 11th Feb.
Entry Fee:  $40 per team.

Teams of 4 players per team, any age. 
Mixed men and women. Just like Masters but for any age.
No grading points - the focus is social play and getting back in to squash.
6 teams in each division to meet up at one club on Wednesdays.
Each person plays a match with a set time of 30 min.

Scoring will be Point a Rally and will accumulate until the end of the 30 minute match e.g. the score could be 58 to 42. The score will be added to the rest of the team mates scores and will result in a team score for the night.  

Playing time for matches will be as follows – 5 minute warm up, 15 minutes play, 1 minute break, 14 minutes play. The start time for the first match will be 7.00 pm every week.